Evoke Care


“Evoke care genuinely care about the wellbeing of the residents as well as the staff team, whereas other care providers tend to focus on numbers and statistics, they prioritise the care and experience of their children. This creates a welcoming and upbeat environment which is exactly why I look forward to coming to work every day”!


“Personally, one key difference between working with Evoke Care and my previous employment, is that they will always check up on you to make sure you are feeling happy and fulfilled- in and out of the workplace. You don’t see this often as an employee, you feel more motivated to do your job to the best of your ability because you know the organisation you are working for are willing to make sacrifices for your benefit. There has never been a moment where I felt I couldn’t express my views or suggestions for improvement, and this is a sign of a cooperative and people-caring business”.

“When I first joined as a Residential Support Worker, I was surprised as to how my peers are truly dedicated to nurturing the Young Person’s development and reaching their potential to become a responsible and mature adult. The organisation is transparent and only seek to make the residents day the best it possibly can be. We understand how difficult it can be for young people living outside their homes without the presence of parents and family, therefore our number one priority to ensure residents feel mentally, physically and emotionally at home all of the time”.


“I have never experienced so much courteous and compassion from the staff team we had, we were a family like no other. The sense of security and care is so rare in the workplace. I will forever be grateful for the ethos and environment Evoke Care had instilled in me, because it led me to become a stronger individual on the outside. I learnt many skills and qualities which I continue to use now as an adult.”


“I have had an amazing experience at Crescent House. I was there for a long time and the care and attention I got made me feel welcome. I was so anxious at first but thankfully, the carers made a move so easy and stress-free that I quickly felt comfortable.”


“This is my first time being in care. I have been here for 8 months and the staff are so kind to me all the time. When I’m sad or happy, the staff come and talk to me to help me feel better and that means so much to me, because usually nobody cares. I just want to say a super big thank you to everyone at this great place!”

“This was the greatest home I have experienced. The staff gave me my freedom but were still there to help when I needed it. I really appreciated the support, care and independence skills they have taught me until I became an adult.”


“What I like about my stay at was that the carers treat everyone with the same respect and attention. This might look obvious but on the outside world for people like me, this is not so common. I want to be successful; I want to have a family; I want to learn about business. Staying here taught me this is all possible and I believe in myself more now than I ever have!”