Evoke Care offers a residential assessment centre service where we assess vulnerable
families. Working with parents, guardians, local authorities and law courts, we provide a
wide spectrum of unbiased services as assessments with the end aim of ensuring the best possible
future for every young person in our care.
Working with parents, guardians, local authorities and courts, Evoke Care provides a wide
spectrum of unbiased assessments in our own residential assessment centres for families
that have complex needs, such as children or young adults with learning difficulties, mental
health issues, substance misuse, are victims of abuse and more. During the assessment
period (which usually runs for approximately 12 weeks), we provide all the care required
depending on the family’s needs. The end aim is to ensure the best possible future for every
young person and their family while in our care.
We develop a specifically tailored plan for every family to help them care for their
vulnerable young person and the rest of the family. We always value the integrity of each
family and respect that every family is different.
With qualified care workers available 24 hours a day, we can offer specialist support with
day-to-day tasks including cleaning, cooking and shopping.
Following assessment, our dedicated care team provide an expert, honest opinion and
detailed feedback with recommendations to help families move forward positively and
successfully. We also provide formal reports for local authorities and courts.
The Evoke Care support services for family assessments includes:

  • One-to-one support and monitoring
  • Supervised contact (plus reporting)
  • Night staffing
  • Escorting duties
  • Budgeting/money/savings
  • Contact supervisor outside of unit (plus reporting)
  • Supervised contact (no report)
  • Provide childcare (when parents have outside meetings for example)
  • Court attendance
  • Psychotherapist and Psychodynamic counselling
  • Substance testing