Evoke Care residential homes are designed to give vulnerable young people a home-from-home setting. Every young person living in one of our care homes has their own tailored care package which is expertly put together to meet their individual needs. Additionally, we actively encourage the young people staying with us to invite family and friends to visit as we feel this keeps them very connected to their loved ones.
It is very important to us that the young people placed in our care and under our child care consultancy, have a stable and supportive environment that is both nurturing and comfortable, where they can work with us on their problems. Our residential care homes are comfortable, well-maintained and offer a pleasant environment in which to live in.
Depending on the vulnerable young person’s needs, we can offer short-term, medium-term or long-term placements for those age 12-18 years with social, emotional and challenging behaviours. Every young person living in an Evoke Care residential care home has their own tailored care package to meet their individual needs, expertly put together with their social worker and placing authority as set out by the government’s Every Child Matters initiative. Not only do we meet National Standards, National Guidelines and the Government’s Every Child Matters initiative, we aim to exceed it.
With a highly trained team of qualified carers, we work hard to bring young people the care that they need, developing them socially and emotionally while valuing their rights and identity. We treat every young person in our care as if they were our own child, so that they feel loved and wanted within respectable boundaries. We are used to managing a wide range of different behaviours including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, anger management, eating disorders and other behaviour types.
At Evoke Care, we always put the welfare of our young people first and we are committed to safeguarding. This means that we have strict child protection procedures in place to keep young people safe. These procedures are regularly audited to maintain our high standards.
The end aim is to prepare young people to leave their residential care home well-adjusted and ready to move forward with their lives, whether it is returning back to their own family, being placed in a different family or to live independently.