What is Semi-Independent Accommodation?

Semi-independent homes are there to help children make a smooth transition into adulthood so they are prepared to live independently. Evoke Care has a semi-independent accommodation provision for vulnerable young adults aged 16-18 designed to cater for challenging behaviour and complex needs. Sometimes referred to as supported housing, our facilities are staffed 24 hours a day by our own highly qualified carers.

Children This type of provision is ideal for low-level offenders, students leaving foster care and those with mild but challenging behaviour or needs. Based on the Every Child Matters Five Outcomes, we work hard on delivering the extra support our young people need so that they successfully go onto employment and move forward with their lives, entering into their communities comfortably and ultimately, living independently.

Each young person in our semi-independent accommodation facilities receives a tailored care packaged and a dedicated support worker based on individual assessment. This care package will be part of their plan to eventually move forward independently. Tailored plans include emotional support and practical help in education, health and day-to-day issues.

We also help young people understand how to cook, budget and manage household tasks. During young people’s time with us in our semi-independent accommodation facilities, we encourage them to develop independence and as time progresses, once they become more competent, the level of assistance reduces. Support is always available for as long as young people are in our setting.

What we assist with:

Food shopping
General health and safety
Personal care/hygiene
Household maintenance

And a range of services and activities for personal development.

Additionally, we offer one-to-one help with legal issues, benefits and moving forward with life. We also offer mentoring, relationship-building, self-image, confidence therapy, assist with encouraging self-motivation and using local facilities, for example, transport.

All in all, Semi-Independent accommodation plays a vital role in a young persons’ journey to independence. We aim to help all individuals under our care feel included and valued, giving them the best headstart in life.