Evoke Care

Referral Procedure

We hope that our residential care service provides efficient and responsive care to our residents. Our objective is that all children who join us benefit from a placement that is encouraging and positive with firm but fair and caring staff. This way, each child can reach their potential during their time with us.

At the first stage of the placement enquiry, the manager will decide if our children’s home is suited for the proposed referral. If you wish to speed up the process you may use the form below, should you wish to use your own forms, you are welcomed to do so. If the placement enquiry is successful we expect that the placing authority should return a completed Referral form.

We suggest the placing authority complete a referral form with the below documentation to support their enquiry. It is important to note that we cannot accept a placement without the required documentation.


Documents We’ll Need


Social worker’s assessment report (Pathway Plan/initial and/or core assessment)

Legal Status

Psychiatric/Psychological reports


Court Proceedings and previous convictions

Education Report

Current Risk Assessment

Medical & Social History

Emergency Placement Response
In exceptional circumstances, we will cater to the immediate need of a young person and placing local authority following a sudden placement breakdown. We know that young people experience many difficult situations as they reach certain milestones. Our manager will provide safety and a holistic care plan when faced with emergency placements.
We can provide same-day placements for vulnerable young people. For immediate solutions call 24-hour emergency referrals hotline on 0203 950 5818