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What we provide…

We are committed to protecting, safeguarding and caring for the vulnerable children placed in our care. Every member of the Evoke Care team is dedicated to our young people’s welfare as well as their growth and development to help them readjust to life outside of our doors. We respect the Government’s Every Child Matters Agenda and each young person placed in our care has their own tailored care plan to help them stay safe, healthy and as happy as possible.

Rebuilding and Maintaining Important Relationships

Sometimes, young people need to rebuild their relationships with their parents, family or other carers and at Evoke Care we help them to do so. Where appropriate we actively encourage those in our care to maintain, improve and preserve their relationships. We also provide protective factors, where applicable, so that a young person can cope well in their community.

Preparing Young People for their Future

Our Children’s homes offer enjoyable settings where young people can progress, with the end goal of continuing their life independently. To that purpose, we help our young children develop or identify their interests, encourage enjoyment of learning and show them how to build meaningful relationships.

We want young people to be able to go back to their own families if appropriate or alternatively, we prepare them to live with a different family. We also help many vulnerable children move onto independent living when they are ready, equipping them with what they need to easily manage their day-to-day living needs.

Evoke Care gives young people a nurturing, loving environment and our staff are genuinely passionate about delivering the best possible care within acceptable expectations while respecting boundaries. With our help, young people develop in all areas, physically, psychologically, intellectually and socially.

“Within our residential and care services, we offer children’s homes, consultancy and supported housing services.”