How to Plan Ahead during Uncertainty

With lockdown restrictions easing, hospitality up and running again, and countries re-opening their borders, things seem to be looking up. However, despite the slow return to normality, many of us have had to let go of any plans we made before the pandemic. From new jobs we had lined up canceling the hiring process, to […]

Practical Ways to Help Children get through Anxiety  

In the last year, over 350,000 young people accessed NHS Mental Health Services, and in any given year, roughly 110,00 14-year-olds will self-harm. With so many children struggling with various mental health issues before the COVID-19 outbreak, one can only wonder what impact the global pandemic has had on the mental wellbeing of young people, especially those in care.     As young people are amongst the largest group to struggle with mental health repercussions due […]

How to Deal with Case-Overload as a Social Worker and Carer

  If you are a social worker, you probably know better than anyone just how much pressure has been put on professionals since the Covid-19 crisis began. It appears that more than 70% of children’s social workers are struggling with caseloads since the pandemic outbreak according to recent data.  Only 4% said their workload was ‘comfortably […]

How the Social Work Sector will Look Post-Lockdown

  Looking into the Future of Social Work after the Pandemic    With the vast majority of social workers expressing their frustration caused by Covid-19 and the impact it’s had on their work and the lives of those they support, the field has come under even more scrutiny.     A recent study revealed that over half of […]

How to Keep Children with ADHD Entertained at Home

When ‘normal’ no longer exists for a child with ADHD, their world goes into freefall– and so does their state of mind. When the pandemic surfaced and significant societal changes took place, the impact on children in care diagnosed with ADHD was severe. Unable to stick to their essential routines which gave their life the structure they needed, they were […]

How to Effectively Promote Equality and Diversity

The events that have taken place in America over the past month have paved the way for a global conversation about race, diversity and the injustices faced by minority groups. Whilst the events were specifically centred on the experiences of African Americans, it is interesting to note one fundamental shift in particular.   Never before have corporations taken a collective stance and publicly declared efforts to tackle racism.   […]

Picking up the Pieces of the Pandemic

 Although the lockdown has been tough on us all, there is one population amongst us who have been particularly vulnerable and upon whom the lockdown has been extremely tough: Children in care.     Just consider for a moment, those amongst us with stable homes and environments, families who love and care for us, and yet we have wound up with anxiety and now live […]

What is Semi-Independent Accommodation?

Semi-independent homes are there to help children make a smooth transition into adulthood so they are prepared to live independently. Evoke Care has a semi-independent accommodation provision for vulnerable young adults aged 16-18 designed to cater for challenging behaviour and complex needs. Sometimes referred to as supported housing, our facilities are staffed 24 hours a […]