Evoke Care

Meet Us

Evoke Care has been established for more than 10 years, supporting and caring for vulnerable young people aged from 7 to 18 years. We specialise in residential children’s homes and approved semi-independent care home partners, all under the Evoke Care umbrella.

With a loving and secure environment in all our residential homes, we care for young people as a parent would but with specialist training. We are able to keep children in care safe from harm, creating the best possible results in a positive, friendly and happy setting.

Every young person that comes through our doors is provided with a tailored care package, with their own keyworkers to meet their needs. Vulnerable young people in our care also have significant influence on their care plan.

The Evoke Care team are highly qualified to manage a spectrum of different behaviours working closely with each young person’s needs. This ensures good progress that leads to a future-focused, lasting outcome where young people achieve their maximum potential and build trusting, respectful relationships.

“We wish to evoke positive feelings within a warm and loving family environment, where children and young people are cared for and feel safe. Our support will nurture young people and encourage stable emotional health and encouragement to succeed.”

Our Aims

  • Returning to their own family
    and friends
  • Preparing for placement with a
    different family
  • Safely moving them
    to independent living

We specialise in outstanding residential care, we aim to deliver the very best possible care, from the beginning to the end of a young person’s time with us. We provide a safe, caring and comfortable environment that encourages positive behaviour. Our children’s homes and centres give young people the perfect settings to stabilise their behaviour, learn from their past experiences and take back control of their lives.

Our carers help vulnerable young people do this by teaching coping mechanisms, positive behaviour, effective communication and other strategies to be able to deal with everyday challenges and progress. We want all our young people that join us to leave Evoke Care strong enough to live a happy and fulfilling life with a view to:


Residential Care

Our residential care homes feel like a home-from-home setting, meticulously maintained, comfortable and somewhere that young people feel happy to be.

Semi-Independent Accommodation

Our semi-independent accommodation offers plenty of help and assistance by our highly qualified, caring team, helping young people develop so they gain more independence when they are ready to move on.


We provide a range of consultancy options direct to local authorities, third party organisations and charities/trusts.


Evoke Care has access to trusted external therapists and wherever appropriate or as part of care plans, we provide support and counselling.

Our Achievements
To determine whether there is a suitable placement for your child at one of the Evoke Care facilities, you need to complete the referrals process. The first stage of placement enquiry is to determine whether one of our homes is suitable, please click here for more information on the referrals process and see the documentation required.