Holistic group living experience

Viewing all aspects of a child’s situation holistically and support children and young people to not only develop as individuals but also as social beings who will be capable of having positive futures and responsible roles as adults in the wider community.



Lifestory Work

Integrate all aspects of a/young person into his/her life story and understand the impact of child development, trauma and attachment difficulties, when undertaking life story work



Educational Focus

Our staff are expected to give clear, consistent messages about the importance of education which will be reflected in day-to-day practice as they will work towards a focus on education including homework and home / school liaison.




We are aware that for young people leaving care, who are coping with the challenges of transition to adulthood, mentoring offers them a different but complementary relationship from formal professional support


Preparation for Adult life

Evoke Care places great emphasis on equipping young people for independent living as a young adult by preparing them with the essential skills