A Few Words About Us


Crescent House is a large detached house and is registered to provide accommodation for three young people. The house is situated in Norbury which is centrally located to local amenities with excellent transport links and offers a caring and safe environment to encourage young people to move towards independent living.

Crescent House is located at Norbury Crescent, London SW16 6TF.

Our Approach


The ethos and philosophy behind our children’s home are represented in the expression termed “Evoke a Positive Vision.”

Our ethos within Crescent House is to make a positive difference to the personal, social and emotional lives of the young people who live here. The service is needs-led, and as such, there is an on-going assessment of each young person’s needs to equip them with the skills that they will need in building successful adult lives. We will endeavour, in collaboration with the responsible/placing authority and members of the wider system to create a positive environment where children and young people are offered experiences and opportunities to assist them in working towards, and ultimately achieving their aspirations and goals in life.


Our approach is relationship-based practice and rooted in the use of offering before eventually forming and forging positive relationships to enable young people’s holistic development and wellbeing. In this way, we undertake a responsibility to ascertain the wishes and feelings of the child or young person.


Integral to our work is the use of child-focused, reflective, ethical practice in building respectful, trusting relationships with young people.  We have a strong commitment to children’s rights in daily practice and empowering and assisting them to actively participate in making informed decisions about their care and future plans so that they can achieve their maximum potential.